Wonder Woman 5-Piece Backpack Set with Lunchbag

Wonder Woman 5-Piece Backpack Set with Lunchbag

Wonder Woman 5-Piece Backpack Set with Lunchbag

Are you a fan of Wonder Woman? Do you want to show off your love for the superheroine wherever you go? Look no further than the Wonder Woman 5-Piece Backpack Set with Lunchbag. This set is perfect for all Wonder Woman enthusiasts, young and old.

Conquer the World in Style

With this 5-piece set, you’ll be ready to conquer the world in style. The backpack is spacious and durable, with multiple compartments to keep your belongings organized. The lunchbag is insulated, ensuring that your food stays fresh throughout the day. The water bottle is leak-proof, so you can stay hydrated on the go. The pencil case is perfect for storing your pens, pencils, and other stationery essentials. And the keychain adds a touch of Wonder Woman flair to your keys or bag.


  • Spacious and durable backpack
  • Insulated lunchbag
  • Leak-proof water bottle
  • Convenient pencil case
  • Stylish keychain

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the backpack suitable for adults?
  2. Yes, the backpack is suitable for both children and adults. It has adjustable straps and a comfortable design.

  3. Can the lunchbag fit a full meal?
  4. Yes, the lunchbag is spacious enough to fit a full meal, including a sandwich, fruit, and a drink.

  5. Is the water bottle dishwasher safe?
  6. Yes, the water bottle is dishwasher safe. Simply remove the lid and place it on the top rack of your dishwasher.

  7. What are the dimensions of the pencil case?
  8. The pencil case measures 8 inches in length and 3 inches in width, providing ample space for your stationery essentials.

  9. Can the keychain be removed from the backpack?
  10. Yes, the keychain can be easily removed from the backpack. It has a sturdy clasp that can be attached to any bag or keyring.


The Wonder Woman 5-Piece Backpack Set with Lunchbag is the ultimate accessory for any Wonder Woman fan. With its stylish design and functional features, this set is perfect for school, work, or everyday use. Get ready to conquer the world with Wonder Woman by your side!