Product Description – SumDirect Aluminum Foil Mylar Bags

Product Description – SumDirect Aluminum Foil Mylar Bags

SumDirect Aluminum Foil Mylar Bags

Introducing the SumDirect Aluminum Foil Mylar Bags, the ultimate solution for all your cooking, steaming, and food storage needs. These vacuum packaging pouches are designed to keep your food fresh and protected, while also providing convenience and ease of use.


Tear Notches

The tear notches on these bags make it easy to open and access your food. No need for scissors or any other tools. Simply tear along the notches and enjoy your meal.

High Temperature Foil

These bags are made from high temperature foil, which means they can withstand high heat without melting or deforming. This makes them perfect for cooking and steaming various dishes.

Open Top Heat Seal

The open top heat seal design allows for easy sealing of the bags. Simply use a heat sealer or an iron to seal the bags and keep your food fresh and protected.



  • 13x18cm
  • 15x22cm

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can these bags be used for freezing food?

Yes, these bags are suitable for freezing food. They provide an airtight seal that helps prevent freezer burn and keep your food fresh for longer.

Are these bags reusable?

No, these bags are designed for single-use only. However, they are affordable and come in a pack of 100, so you’ll have plenty for all your needs.

Can I use these bags for storing liquids?

While these bags are primarily designed for solid food items, they can also be used for storing liquids. Just make sure to seal them properly to prevent any leaks.


The SumDirect Aluminum Foil Mylar Bags are a must-have for anyone who loves cooking, steaming, or needs a reliable food storage solution. With their tear notches, high temperature foil, and open top heat seal, these bags offer convenience, durability, and freshness. Choose from two sizes: 13x18cm and 15x22cm, and enjoy the benefits of these versatile pouches.