Kordon/Oasis (Novalek) AKD33144 Novaqua Plus for Aquarium 4-Ounce

Kordon/Oasis (Novalek) AKD33144 Novaqua Plus for Aquarium, 4-Ounce

Kordon/Oasis (Novalek) AKD33144 Novaqua Plus for Aquarium, 4-Ounce

Are you looking for a high-quality water conditioner for your aquarium? Look no further than Kordon/Oasis (Novalek) AKD33144 Novaqua Plus. This product is designed to provide essential benefits for your aquatic pets while maintaining a healthy environment in the tank.

Benefits of Novaqua Plus

1. Removes Chlorine and Chloramines

Novaqua Plus effectively eliminates harmful chemicals such as chlorine and chloramines from tap water, ensuring that your fish and other aquatic life are not exposed to these toxins.

2. Reduces Stress

The unique formula of Novaqua Plus includes stress-reducing compounds that help fish acclimate to their new environment, reducing the risk of stress-related illnesses.

3. Enhances Slime Coat

By promoting the production of a healthy slime coat, Novaqua Plus helps protect fish from infections and injuries, keeping them in optimal health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Novaqua Plus safe for all types of fish?

Yes, Novaqua Plus is safe for use with all freshwater and marine fish, as well as invertebrates and plants.

How often should Novaqua Plus be used?

For best results, Novaqua Plus should be added to the aquarium water during water changes and whenever new water is introduced to the tank.


Kordon/Oasis (Novalek) AKD33144 Novaqua Plus for Aquarium, 4-Ounce is a must-have product for any aquarium enthusiast. Its ability to remove harmful chemicals, reduce stress, and enhance the slime coat of fish makes it an essential addition to any aquatic environment. Invest in Novaqua Plus today and provide the best care for your underwater pets.