Frienda20 Pcs Lab Glassware: Essential Equipment for Science and Chemistry

Frienda20 Pcs Lab Glassware: Essential Equipment for Science and Chemistry

Frienda20 Pcs Lab Glassware: Essential Equipment for Science and Chemistry

Are you looking for high-quality lab glassware for your science experiments or chemistry research? Look no further than the Frienda20 Pcs Lab Glassware set. This comprehensive set includes everything you need for accurate measurements and precise experiments.

High-Quality Glassware for Accurate Measurements

Our lab glassware set includes 4 graduated cylinders, 4 glass beakers, 3 glass droppers, 4 stirring rods, and 5 measuring cups. Each piece is made from durable, high-quality glass that is resistant to chemicals and temperature changes. The graduated cylinders and beakers are essential for measuring and mixing liquids, while the glass droppers and stirring rods allow for precise handling and mixing of substances. The measuring cups are perfect for accurately measuring small amounts of reagents and solutions.

Features of Frienda20 Pcs Lab Glassware:

  • 4 graduated cylinders for precise liquid measurements
  • 4 glass beakers for mixing and heating liquids
  • 3 glass droppers for precise handling of small amounts of liquids
  • 4 stirring rods for mixing and stirring substances
  • 5 measuring cups for accurate measurements of reagents and solutions


Is the glassware suitable for use in a professional laboratory?

Yes, the Frienda20 Pcs Lab Glassware set is suitable for use in professional laboratories, educational institutions, and home science experiments.

Is the glassware easy to clean?

Yes, the glassware is easy to clean and can be washed with soap and water or cleaned with laboratory-grade solvents.

Can the glassware withstand high temperatures?

Yes, the glassware is made from heat-resistant glass and can withstand high temperatures, making it suitable for heating and mixing liquids.


The Frienda20 Pcs Lab Glassware set is an essential addition to any laboratory or science enthusiast’s collection. With its high-quality, durable glassware, you can conduct accurate measurements and experiments with confidence. Whether you’re a professional chemist, a science educator, or a curious student, this comprehensive set has everything you need for your laboratory experiments.