B + W Red Filter Filter (77mm MRC F-Pro)

B + W Red Filter Filter (77mm MRC F-Pro)

The Power of the B + W Red Filter Filter (77mm MRC F-Pro)

Are you looking to add a new dimension to your photography? The B + W Red Filter Filter (77mm MRC F-Pro) is the perfect tool to enhance your images and unleash your creativity. This innovative filter is designed to bring out the best in your photos, giving you stunning results every time.

Enhance Your Photography

With the B + W Red Filter Filter, you can achieve rich, deep red tones in your black and white photography. This filter is perfect for capturing dramatic landscapes, moody portraits, and striking architectural shots. By selectively filtering out certain wavelengths of light, the filter creates a powerful contrast between the red tones and other elements in the scene, resulting in captivating images that stand out from the rest.

Key Features:

  • 77mm MRC F-Pro mount for easy attachment to your lens
  • Multi-Resistant Coating (MRC) to reduce reflections and maintain image quality
  • High-quality glass construction for durability and optical clarity
  • Enhances red tones in black and white photography

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the red filter affect black and white photography?

The red filter darkens the sky and other blue elements in the scene, creating a striking contrast with the red tones. This results in a more dramatic and impactful image.

Can I use the filter with digital cameras?

Yes, the B + W Red Filter Filter is compatible with digital cameras that have a 77mm filter thread.


Unlock the full potential of your photography with the B + W Red Filter Filter (77mm MRC F-Pro). Whether you’re a professional photographer or an enthusiast, this filter will take your images to new heights. Elevate your creativity and capture stunning black and white photos that leave a lasting impression.