23 Inch Wig Head – Canvas Mannequin Head for Wigs Making

23 Inch Wig Head – Canvas Mannequin Head for Wigs Making

23 Inch Wig Head – Canvas Mannequin Head for Wigs Making

Are you looking for a high-quality canvas wig head for making and displaying wigs? Look no further! Our 23 Inch Wig Head is the perfect solution for all your wig making needs.

Canvas Head Material

Our wig mannequin head is made of quality canvas outside and polyurethane foam inside, ensuring it is sturdy, durable, and free from mold. You can easily put pins in and hold wigs without any hassle. The material ensures a long service life, making it a great investment for your wig making projects.

Mannequin Head Tripod Stand

The included tripod stand can hold the wig head mannequin firmly and stably, providing you with peace of mind while making wigs. The tripod can be adjusted to the height you prefer, offering convenience and flexibility in the use of the manikin head for wigs.

The Best Gift

Whether for your own use or as a gift, our canvas heads are perfect for practicing making wigs. The sturdy and durable material makes it ideal for fixing, styling, and displaying wigs. It’s easy and convenient to use, making it a great addition to any wig maker’s toolkit.

About the Accessories

The included T-pin set makes it easy to put the T-pin in and out when making a wig, leaving fewer pin holes on the surface. Additionally, the bristle brush is suitable for reducing tangles and hair shedding of wigs, making it a fully functional accessory for practicing wig making.

High Quality Canvas

Our 100% canvas wig heads may have a slight canvas odor that can be easily removed after half an hour of drying. They are also resistant to mold, ensuring long-term use. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and if you’re not completely satisfied with the canvas heads, we will fix it for you until you are satisfied.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your wig making experience with our high-quality canvas wig head. Order now and start creating stunning wigs with ease!